Pekin Days Art Show

Img_1406281157162015 Pekin Days Art Show will be June 22nd through the 29th……

Thank you to all who participated in the 2014 Pekin Days Art Show.
We look forward to seeing you next year! See awarded here.

June 25-29th; June 25- Artist Reception*

Call to Entry Form
Artists & Vendors- Important information in Entry form!

Nelson County Arts Council
PO Box 83
Pekin, North Dakota, 58361

Img_140628134551Artist reception*- 7PM: You need tickets if MORE than artist and other attending. Contact: Rita at 701-322-5669 (Hm) If no answer, leave a message and she will return call. Thank you.
*”Exclusive Purchasers” must be there at 6PM.
If you would like to be a purchaser email: or

– Attention Artists: If your mailing info has changed in the last year. Please give us an update so we are sure to get you important letters.

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PDAS Performers:
The Mudbucket band hails from Grand Forks, North Dakota. Member include, Richard McGurran, Tom Johnson, Steve Augustin, Lee Barnum and Dewaine Wakeman.

The band took years to take shape, I guess we are just a collection of musicians that through the years, after filling in with each other for an occasional gig or playing in some other sort of group, we finally got this crazy idea that rather than playing in a Top 40 bands to make money, we should just get together and play music that makes us happy, and surprisingly, it seems to work pretty well.

Our music covers a lot of ground; we love to play early American music, the type of songs that were passed from hand to ear in the fields and minstrel shows of our countries past. In addition to the old music we are more than likely to pass through many decades of popular music and put our own little spin on a tune that you loved from your teenage years, regardless of your age.

In short Mudbucket is out to have fun and to share that fun with anyone who comes out to hear us…. dancing is encouraged!

IMG_3003Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson is a musician, professor and private teacher based out of Eastern North Dakota. His solo acoustic guitar performances include works ranging from lute music to South American dances.

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