Pekin Days Art Show

2018 marks our 25th Year Anniversary!
This will be a large show so get your entries in early.
Artists and Vendors download form: 
2018 PDAS Artists & Vendor Form

Show is Open to public from June 21-24th
Hours: Thurs.- Sat. 10:00AM to 7:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM to 4:00PM

Artist’s Reception June 20th at 7PM
Purchase Award Program June 20th at 6PM
(To be a part of Purchase Awards Program contact Jennifer Parker at: subject: Purchase Awards)
General Public 7PM – Must get a ticket (50 sold)
$20/member $25/nonmember.
Tickets on sale June 1. Call or text Jennifer at 701-381-9747.

Purchase Awards Program

Last year:

Pekin Days Art Show 2017
Terry Jelsing, Rugby ND

PaintingsCategory: OIL

1st Karen Bakke – Amos

2nd Connie Riedman – Lake Days

3rd Avis Veikley – Untitled

HM Lisa Hillebrand – Main St. & RR Ave.

HM Mary Ritger – Feathers and Fur

Category: Watercolor

1st Brian Paulsen – Life is a Grid

2nd Barbara Benda Nagle – Walter

3rd Reflections – Caroline A Doucette

HM Safe & Sound – Caroline A. Doucette

Category: Acrylic

1st Jeff Hoff – Summer Gathering

2nd Molly Ueland – At Rest

3rd Jeff Hoff – Autumn Bluebird

HM Andrew Knudson – Winter Wise

HM Jennifer Parker – Idunn

Category: Pastels

1st Barbara Nechiporenko – Shadow Play

2nd Karen Perry-Anderson – Post Storm Sunset

3rd Phyllis Lincoln – Sheep Shed

HM Judy Wegenast – Life Jackets, Water Wings, & Mom

HM Sue Morrisey – Mardigras Girl

Category: Other

1st Lourdes Hawley – My Big Kitchen

2nd Dennis Krull – Ungulate

3rd Ryan Stander – Untitled

Category: Pencil/Colored Pencil

1st Cathrin Von Bank – Rachel

2nd Deborah Carlson – Zinnias & Cannas

3rd Thomas Herzog – Dad’s Hands

HM Rita Graber – Sweet Temptation

Category: Pen & Ink

1st Jeremy Eggleston – United Love

2nd Pauline Bergman – Sheyenne at Pekin

Category: Charcoal

1st Laura Von Bank – Great Horned Owl

2nd Michael Dunn – Now & The

3rd Cathi Koenig – Prairie Thunder


1st J. Bracken Rourke – Tile Collage

2nd Jon Offutt – North of Lakota

3rd Amanda Fimreite – Joy. Confusion. Anger

HM J. Bracken Rourke – Fish Mosaic

HM Lauren Donovan – Aspiring


1st Jimmy Robinson – Walkabout

2nd Ken Gilbertson – Found

3rd Josh Hagen – Minotaur From the Brahma Tribe

HM Josh Hagen – Four-Headed Mountain Troll

HM Dean Hagen – Horse Head Cross


1st Hannah Streccius – The Witches Ballet

2nd Liz Shaw – Four Swans

3rd Jerry Wegenast – Buffalo Roundup

HM Katie Abrahamson – Untitled

HM Liz Shaw – Blackrock Beach

Mixed Media

1st Madelyn Camrud – Oh the Wind Blew & the Snow Blew

2nd Steven Smith – Here, There, & Everywhere

3rd Emily Yellowbird – As the Blue Bells Rant the Yellow Bird Sang

HM Jonathon Johnson – Super Model with Soup with Salad

HM Bill Rivas – More Than Numbers


1st Elizabeth Stromme – When I Was Born For the Seventh Time

2nd Susan Larson – Gypsy Girl

3rd Janet Jacobson – The Tree

HM Susan Larson – The Water’s Edge


1st Marlene M. Diehl – Classy Cowhide Purse

2nd Jimmy Robinson – Mandala Wheel of Dharma

3rd Dean Hagen – Twisted Candle Holder

HM John Bartunek – A Whole New Color

HM Nathan Kjelland – Bricks


1st Kathy Blessum – Crazy Horse

2nd NCHSC – Sunflower Pilot

3rd Lauren Donovan – Good Morning Cowboy

HM Ron Jacobson – Tres Tulips


1st Marlene Diehl – Copper Necklace

2nd Virginia Salzsieder – Time Warp Necklace/Bracelet

3rd Clarence Weippert – Melacite Tear Drop Pendant

HM Clarence Weippert – Dumortierite Pendent

HM Curtis Ross – Blue Fire Opal Heart Necklace/Bracelet



1st Eric Johnson – Time Screen

2nd Sue Morrisey – Horse Laugh

3rd Anna Jacobson – 171.Viking’s Swords.r.Iron.o

HM Anna Jacobson – 16325 r.Iron.o

HM Anna Jacobson – 171.dragon.r.Iron.o

J. Bracken Rourke – Tile Collage

Madelyn Camrud – Oh, The Wind Blew & The Snow Blew

Lourdes Hawley – My Big Kitchen
Karen Bakke – Amos


Terry Jelsing, Rugby ND

2017 Judge Terry Jelsing – Photo courtesy of:

This year’s Nelson County Arts Council’s judge is Terry Jelsing, from Rugby, ND.

Email or call land line 701-296-4410 (please leave a message and it will be emailed to the Executive Director, Jennifer) or text/call Jennifer at 381-9747.

Nelson County Arts Council
PO Box 83
Pekin, North Dakota, 58361

 * There is no drop-off for PDAS as artists are responsible for their own insurance on works. Groups have been forming to do this in various towns. Eg: FMVA in Fargo if your a member.

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