2022 Pekin Days Art Show

Chuck Suchy

Tom Anderson

Tiny Printing Press

Savannah Huso – chalk board art & face painting

Kids Chalk Art Contest

First greeting cards printed!

Tiny Printing Press experts creating greeting cards

2022 Best of Show    –   57  Karen Bakke Bison Standoff

Brenda Bjorlie Award –  44 Bonnie Tressler Covid Queen 

People’s Choice –  43 Bonnie Tressler Oscar


Oil   1st 185  Britt Dalice Golden Weavers

2nd 212 Carol Greywater Daydreams

3rd 38 Michael Dunn First Cut


1st 91 Mary Estrem Light Passage

2nd 184 Ellen Jean Diederich Rolling Hills

3rd 36 Donna Chalimonczyk Dakota Snow


1st 183 Ellen Jean Diederich Heading for the Hills

2nd 135 Tracy Moser Devotion

3rd 153 Jeffery Hoff Easy Fella Bison


1st 188 Lourdes Hawley Horizon #6

2nd 210 Kristi Berdal Lake By the Woods

3rd 223 Kimberly Forness Wilson The Universe is Breathing!


Pencil/Colored Pencil/Pen & Ink

1st 203 Michele Walsh Gorres Old Rivals

2nd 45 Brian Paulson Shoe-Off

3rd 42 Jacqueline J Anderson The Crow King Club Murder


1st 39 Michael Dunn Haze of Summer

2nd 62 Marilyn Niewoehner A Day in Paradise

3rd 80 Phyllis Lincoln Remnants 2


1st 7  Kristen Peterson The Forest Nymph

2nd 179 Ron Jacobson Only Sage Grows Here

3rd 124 Karen Retzlaff Atrium-Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, GA

Mixed Medium

1st 44 Bonnie Tressler Covid Queen 

2nd 191 Elizabeth Stromme  Heft & Resonance

3rd 64 Marilyn Niewoehner Nadine


1st 114 Holly Van Santen Knipe Darby

2nd 172 Jon Offutt What You See Depends on Where You Look

3rd 165 Linda Olson Linden #3


1st 218 Bill Rivas Nice Curves

2nd 71 Joe Solseng Horsing Around

3rd 127 B.L. Getz Aunt Sis Had a Mustache


1st 112 Janet Jacobson Horizon #2: South to North

2nd 192 Dennis Schill Winged Dragon

3rd 105 Sally Backes Andean Pebble Weave Band


1st 120 Laura Von Bank Home


1st 131 Virginia Salzsieder Jubilee Strands


1st 94 Rita Graber Pear Me Up

2nd 107 Nathan Kjelland Tracks

Purchase Award Program

Contact us at ncac@gondtc.com to particpate in this important program.

Being named a “Purchaser” involves a $400 financial commitment. The pledge includes 2 coveted tickets to the Artist’s Reception, and $350 toward artwork(s) of choice.